Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Tunage #42

Great stuff this week, did an Album review for a group outta the US called Future Holotape, which you can  check out here. Hope to do some more in the future so if any of you guys want me to the same just let me know. Now this weeks tracks

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs x Anna Lunoe - 'Feels Like'

From the guys that brought you the killer Little Dragon remix a coupl a moths back. Total belongs in a massive warehouse party somewhere, that would be. AMAZING.

Thomas - Sexed Up (Brother In Arms Remix)

As we transition from the two weeks of summer we had this year to the 7 months of winter to come, its nice to extend our levels of denial ever so far as to avoid thinking about the cold nights of "joy" to be had. So close your eyes and pretend you are laying by a pool with a G&T and hit play on this chilled track. I have... several times...

Eden xo - Too Cool To Dance (Fred Falke Remix)

Its been ages since  have heard anything from the Falke, nice to know he's still good at cranky those dance dance remix's he is ever so great at. I would not bother with the original, Eden xo should have released Freds version. ∞ times better

DIIV - Past Live

So I checked out the Amazing Spider-Man sequel today.... meh, one good thing though was a poster of DIIV - Oshin on Peter Parkers wall, was a nice surprise, pity they never actually used their music, instead opting for a soundtrack of basic LA douche dance club vomit and Dubstep flatulatory (A Matti word!). So while we wait for knew material I'm just going to leave this baby over here for you.

Makeup and Vanity Set - Brigador Trailer Theme

I thank the powers that be that have blessed me with MVSet, the right kind of synth retro that makes up my dreams and fantasies. I am eagerly awaiting the vinyl 88:88 to be birthed into my life sometime in the few months! This track comes off a soundtrack of a game called... you guessed it Brigador, it looks awesome and the music... aw gaad the MUSIC. Take a gander at the trailer then listen to the full song as it cuts off the song just when it hits the stratosphere

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