Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Get So Emotional

Someone once told me that they only listen to music that makes them feel happy and no other kind, this statement really sounded limited to me, in terms of experiencing various emotions, other than that of a Stepford housewife on valium. There is a whole chunk of humanity on this ball of Earth that listen to music to feel lots of things, to me personally its basically; a pretty way of screaming when I'm mad, a friend to cry with when feeling sad, or a drinking buddy for when I'm ..... glad (sorry). So I got to thinking of some of the music that makes me emotional and surprise surprise most of it has to do with love in some form.

The track selection I picked bounces everywhere in terms of mood; some light, some deep, some old, some retro and some bump and grind, but all are what I listen to when I feel in that current state of being. So please do sit back and relax, its 10 songs so get comfy.

Enjoy! or cry..

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