Thursday, August 28, 2014

Album Review - Future Holotape

You can just tell when musicians like Ernest and Julie of Future Holotape, are truly passionate about what they are producing. On their first album, Analog Renegades, they clearly show that they have the skills to create great 80's infused tracks that sound as if Richard Marx went into the future of the 1980's and let rip with the synths. Production is solid on this one, which definitely makes me interested in what they will hold for the future. I have picked four standout tracks to share with you guys, but don't just stop there, check out their entire album.

Fortress Of Solitude:

Setting the scene of the album in terms of instrument wise, short and synth.

Summer Of Love:

Pretty much speaks for itself.


The song that best represents the signature sound of Future Holotape.

Long Hiver:

My favourite of the whole album, I'm a sucker for strings and boy do they pair it well with that beat. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going out to walk in the rain and contemplate stuff...


Futur Holotape teaming up with Botnit to make some magic..

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