Monday, November 2, 2009

Anyone got a duster?

*cough *cough *cough

sniff sniff sniff

shoh what has happened to this place, I think this dust is actually
trying to communicate with me??

Dust: Mmmmaaastaaahhhh???

Matt: um hello?

Duts: whhhyy have you forthssakinnn meeee maaaasssttaaahhhh???

Matt: Well its not that I have forsaken you really, more like I have
a job now and you know when I get home all I want to do is chill, you know??

Dust: No mmmmaaaaaassstttaaaaahh I livvve to seeerrvvveeeee you mmmaaastaaaaahhh

Matt: Um you don't have to call me that you know, I'm wigged out that I'm
actually writing down this conversation as it is.

Dust: F*&^$£ this shit I'm off to MissNtertainment.

yeah so this was a shameless plug at my sisters site but hey at least I didn't rant about the new Verimark Christmas Spots on Tv


  1. This was the most concerning thing I've ever read/heard/seen you say...and believe me, I've seen a lot of concerning things involving you.

    All in all I rather enjoyed it. Thanks Matty.

  2. hey, I like the shameless plug! Plug away!