Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mom….Dad……I Suck MP’3 for kicks..

If there is one thing that tops those endless nights, curled up in bed eagerly drooling over….comics, the word is comics, I knew what you were thinking, but porn is digital and you don’t have to use hands to watch a screen…Um aaaaaannnnnyyyyyyway… The one thing that trumps comics is: Music.

I think I may even have a problem here, yes folks a problem. You see if a friend would be telling me how their life is shit and they cant’s handle the pressure’s of (insert problem here), my one shoulder would hold their head while the other tilts ever so slightly, to see the name of the song playing on their iTunes. I know I know its terrible and don’t let me get started, on the amount of mb’s ,that are chewed when listening or “sampling” the sweet melodies, but oh God…. the BPM’s and the bass oh the joys.

I was actually going to come up with a resolution to solve this problem but I seem to have gotten lost in what may be the anthem of my entire HOUR!!!!BYE!

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