Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wind beneath my mountain.

Before I go into a spew about the gastronomical farts that are either coming from Table Mountain or Robin Island. I GOT A JOB! Don’t all seven of you following my blog drop dead now, to think it took 7 months to get to this point…hold on 7 followers…7 months…7 days of the week…7 Eleven…its all connected!!! Spooky. Any way, I start tomorrow, can’t wait to wake up early and work and then complain about waking up early and moan about working, the joys of employment!

So I cant tell you anything that happened with me over the weekend, as I was far away in the land of mucus and membrane, yup I was sick and missed out on all the Loerie action but anyone can go onto the Book and check out the photo’s of what occurred. Although it seemed Cape Town itself wanted the rest of the country out of its borders judging by the crap but lovely bed weather.
I can tell you I had another run in with the opposite of the law, when I was harassed by street kids at the top of Long, not cool. In all the pushing and swearing my nose somehow attracted the car door, I still have a bruise, try blowing your nose for four days with that. Ouch. Sigh, life’s little obstacles are starting to reach beyond the PG label…okay it reached that a looong time ago but who wants to hear that.

Off to bed for me now and I will try not to have three little pig dreams for fear of my windows huff huff huffing in on me. laters

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  1. Congrats Matti!
    Where are you working now?
    I tried to follow your blog, but it wont allow me. It says you've blocked me from following. What's up with that?