Friday, March 20, 2009

Someone left a Tiger Tiger on my carpet

Hunters log: Thursday 19th March: 18:36
The expedition party recently took a venture into the semi-unknown region that is Klar Moont, there we will find the local watering whole, where the indigenous and sometimes exotic animals frequent…it is dubbed “Tiger Tiger” by the natives. I’m not going to lie to you, having narrowly escaped the previous visit, the party is nervous, but to help fellow Biologist Gabby, capture the rare Pualiosis Mandeous, will over shadow our fears and doubts.

Hunters log: Thursday 19th March: 21:30
Upon arrival we immediately blended into the surroundings by dressing in the custom clothing of the area, we began to observe the patterns of these strange creatures, the males seem to have this defence mechanism of imitating each other both physically and vocally, Analyst Amy Lee Nelson came across this strange movement that one of them did with their hands, to explain would be pointless as I’m sure there is none to the gesture, except the responding male repeats movement, so I would ascertain it is a greeting of some sort .

Hunters log: Thursday 19th March: 22:30
As the expedition nears its end, it is clear that subject Pualiosis Mandeous is nowhere to be found. We are running out of firewater and we do not know how long Motion Expert Matthew Erikson’s sporadic confusion gestures will keep the beasts at bay.

Hunters log: Thursday 19th March: 32:01
We are on the move with Driver Delon’s …um…skills in motor vehicles; we are safe and sound on the way home. With collective observations and extensive research we have managed to come to the conclusion that Tiger Tiger is a shithole.

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