Monday, March 9, 2009

"Its Getting Hot In Here" on repeat

Matthew : Hello Monday how are you doing today?

Monday: Yo WAZZUP Matchew!!! I iz so Hot in da hizza

Matthew: I know, could you do something about it?

Monday: Don’t be haten da playyyaa homie I iz not helping
Dat I be da hottest thang faw all da foxy beeatch’s out dere.

Matthew: um yeah.......well that’s cool and all but I’m sweating like
a pig on the fourth day of july here…so just lower the thermastat…stat.

Monday: AAAAiiiiiit MatChEW you’s def be hatin, I be tinking I pound
yo ass all way up to ya grills and wip dat aSSS

Matthew: BANG!

Monday: THUD!

Happy Birthday Bridget!!!!!!

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