Friday, March 27, 2009

Hope in these Days of our Lives

Hey people, so my hunt continues for that elusive job out there somewhere, there’s actually a few balls in the air, but they are taking their sweet time to let gravity take over. I have even approached a restaurant for a waitering position, and even they are saying they’ll let me know…WTF??? As much as I would love the prospect of giving people the satisfying option of chips or baked potato, I’m really counting on any of those other jobs to drop.

I suppose what I’m saying about Hope, is that she and Bo are going through a rough time on Days of our lives as his newly discovered daughter was kind of responsible for the death of Hopes son and now she wants a divorce from Bo, but he wont allow it as he is in love with her still.

You go Bo! Never stop, you want something so bad, you carry on….we rooting for you…..


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