Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Tunage #113

The end of week shrouded in cold and sleet, some enjoy while others hibernate, whatever your preference Sunday Tunage is here for your soundtrack, 5 tracks carefully curated for your audio receptors to drink up.

RUMTUM - Good Places 

Lovely mishmosh of different sounds in this one.

Oktoberklubben - Everyday

Love the Fleetwood-isque of this track layered with full on organ disco vibes. Sweet.

Weval - Grow up (Wedding Edit)

Taking the original and smothering some good old electro on top, you know? Just to spread more electro to all corners of the melodical sandwitch

Cloud Nothings - "Enter Entirely"

Lets get some indie rock in on this post, haven't had any on here for awhile, reminds me of Strokes circa 2005 vibes...

joan - take me on

A relatively new act, I say that as this is their only song on Soundcloud, but hey? Caught my pop inclined ear and that's all that counts hears to hearing some more good stuff from joan.


If you like me and just want a montage of visual imagery in motion then this is the eye candy for you.

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