Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunday Tunage #91

Sometimes Sundays become Mondays, especially during this festive season, but have no fear, the Tunage is here, 5 tracks that have been on my ears the past week:

CHVRCHES - Leave A Trace (Goldroom Remix)

Kind of not the type of tune for a wintery cold rainy day, or maybe thats just what the doctor ordered, hmmmm?? Oceanic beats sail Goldroom's remix of CHVRCHES' Leave A Trace, into the wild pop blue yonder..

Tensnake - Keep On Talking (Gerd Janson RAW Mix)

Do I detect a sample of Madonna's Vogue in this is it just me? Its very subtle, maybe it is just me. None the less this lovely 90's breaker remix of Tensnake is just the juice one needs on a bus ride before you go out on a Friday evening.

JR JR - Gone [Tensnake Remix]

Um speaking of the oh so awesome Tensake, heres a new banger remix, all the staples are there, so if you dig the guy, you will love this.

Emil Stabil - Swimmingpool (Silvana Imam Remix)

I don't know besides a swimmingpool is what is going on here but when a Danish rapper is remixed by a Swede rapper, its pretty f$%^ing cool,

Milo Greene - DOZEN TIMES (demo)

So when I first heard Milo Greene off an episode of Supernatural I was hooked, the discovering the other material just caught me hook line an sinker, in fact I get the Berlin feels when listening to them, then came their follow up which was just pop filled sweetened ganache, just deterred me. I don't know whether this is an old demo but this is a great one that is classic Milo and hope that its something new.


Flight Facilities - Heart Attack feat. Owl Eyes with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
I just cannot get enough of Flight Facilities and Heart Attack is just a gem, this rework with the MSO and Owl Eyes, is just pure live bliss.

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