Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunday Tunage #89

It was another one of those weekends I'm afraid, back to back debauchery and drama, but telling would be in poor taste coz lets face it, the only taste we are interested in, is musical lets go!!

Terminé - Sideways

One of those definite summer breeze sings where the wind gently caresses your face and the rays of the sun tickle your skin...

Paul For You - Touch Me

Now here's a throwback jammy jam that shoots us to the house/techno days of the 90's, but now at least we can drink without feeling the guilt of underaged paranoia.

Beyonce - "Blow" (Dave Harrington Copyright Breaking Edit)

Getting the commercial boogie on, is this stripped back electro/funk by a dude named Dave Harrington, thats about all I know...

Darius - Cyan (Red Bull Studios Paris Session)

Back to la la lectro dream land, is these two playful pieces, seems to be the latest artist in residency at the Red Bull Studios Paris, Darius some really lovely sounds that came out of this.

Vanilla - Lose You

A sexy track oozing with retro sex appeal and funky base thumper, really cool stuff.

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