Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Palooza VI: Howlll you doin?

Another year another spooktackular Halloween, of course I love to celebrate this time of year by sharing my fave horror movies and mixtapes, so enjoy these recommendations and mixtapes!! HOOOWWWWLLLLLL!!!!


It may seem obvious as to why this film is in here by name alone, not only is it a staple within any horror/suspense fan but more importantly it is the “father” of slasher films being only preceded by the grand daddy, Psycho, directed by John Carpenter who gave us Assault on Precinct 13 as well as other body horrors The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness. Carpenter also scored Halloween and recently released his electronic album Themes earlier this year (see opening video to this post) what can this guy not do? Set in suburbia America, Mike Meyers literally is watching you through your own window, how creepy is that, the death scenes are frightening and Jamie Lee Curtis was crowned scream Queen for this very performance.  

2.The Babadook

I don’t think any horror material has had this much effect on me in terms of emotional factor, since Buffy the vampire slayer tv series. A story about dealing with the human darkness within us with sprinkles of horror, superbly acted great pace and wonderfully shot, I had no hesitation at all in owning a copy. I am so grateful the producers/director went with hiring a “normal” defined actress instead of a young hot it girl to play
Amelia Vanek, a mother who lost her husband on the way to hospital to have her son. The amount of sadness and anger seeps through the imagery of desaturated tones and wordless acting. A must for anyone interested in the psychology of horror that’s closer to home.

3. It follows

An interesting idea of a demon that gets hold of its victims through sex, kinda like a demonic STD, sex has always been the kill factor any just about any horror slashers, this one somehow goes somewhere interesting with it and has a killer synth score to boot

4. Picnic at Hanging Rock

A film that had left me with an eerie taste in the mind, adapted from a 1967 novel of the same name, accounts the disappearance of several girls in said rock and how people dealt with it, (reminds me of the same strange and creepy feeling I got when I watch one of Agatha Christies adaptations “10 Little Indians”) the setting, the era and the tone of the film adds to the atmosphere. It is not a horror per se but creepy and disturbing none the less.

5. Silent Hill

I never much listened to what other peoples opinions on this one, expect with the sequel (which was shite), the film adaptation brought the video game to life and created the same atmosphere as it possibly could and for that I really enjoyed it. Pyramid head was awesome!


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