Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Tunage #86

Okay, what a mixed weekend it has been music wise for me, with the noise blender that was Mykki Blanco and his record label launch party Gay Dog Food was on Friday was quickly forgotten by the exceptional performance by Apparat and co at the Barbican last night, water works, goosebumps and visual eye candy galore and if that wasn't enough, during the montage of effects I happen to notice a familiarity of what was on the screen to what I created recently.. coincidence or divine design?


eh?? eh?? Can't blame a guy for trying any marketing avenue for his work, which can be found here, here and here. The end.

Fred Falke - Radio Days (feat. Shotgun Tom Kelly)

The guy responsible for several kick ass remix's and originals as well as juicy collab's with the likes of personal fave Kris Menace has slapped us with a tease into his new ep "Alpha"

 set to be released next month 4th December, personally I could to with the running commentary by Shotgun, but I'll take anything to get a taste of Falke magic. Fantastic artwork too!

Moullinex - Can't Stop (Miami Horror Remix)

Remember the time Miami Horror and Fred Falke collaborated on  PNAU, Ladyhawke track Embrace? Of course you do... Well heres a gem Miami tweaked for another great Moullinex. Which could either be taken as a sweet love letter or an incredibly creepy mantra you sing, while stalking outside the window of your prey at night... either way, great song... 


Time for some electronic honey in the form of slippery synths and a dramatic melody, that takes a good run of the mill progressive house track and turns it into a dramatic tale of digital orchestral kind! Thank you MNYNMS. Original found here


Mason - Papapapa (Loulou Records)

Just shut up and listen to this and guess where the sample comes from while you are playing hop scotch on the dance floor...

Erykah B - Bag Lady (Fernanda Makita)

Every once in awhile I get a song recall in my head; where I remember an oldie and all I want to do, is listen to it for quite awhile, this case it was Bag Lady. With the power of the internet such wonders can be found like awesome remix's such as this smooth mix by, I think, Fernanda Makita, its on his Soundcloud.

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