Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Tunage #77

New things are on the horizon and with them comes challenges, doubts, fears and excitement, which is what makes living, living. What better to have than a soundtrack to weave you through it all, please do enjoy these latest tracks that have been eating away the troubles and escalating the joys of my past week, emotional blurb I know but hey we are beings of the emotive, so deal.

Lontalius - Comfortable

Got hold of this one from a repost by Spooky Black, such visceral lyrics laid on a bed of an enchanting melody, really gives this track layers of honesty, good stuff. Do take a listen to Yr heart is beating too.

i am in love - I Want You 2015

Some nice bandy stuff right here, nice vocals I must say, definitely going to check them out live, hints of Block Party and Metronomy oooze out if I Want You.

Lo-Fi-Fnk - U Don't Feel the Same

The Swedes that blessed us with Marchin' In and my city anthem remixed by The Teenagers City smash us with U Don't Feel the Same, a beat filled journey that is kind of a manta with me and potential lack-of-love interests.

Blackbird Blackbird - Young (Feat. Britt Warner)

Blackbird Blackbird, probably the coolest name I have ever heard, seeing as thats the name of the X-Mens plane so I'm impartial, that and the fact he makes kick ass tunes such as this one.

Bag Raiders - Wonderland / Beat Connection - So Good

After their stellar self titled album back in '10, its a pleasure to have these guys invading my ear space again, having never lost their infectious beatment (beat + treatment). Shooting Stars is like on my life Soundtrack forever. Sharing this spot is Beat Connection, a certain african-ism comes out of their material that grooves you at each melody, also Silver Screen is also a Life Track must have.

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