Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Tunage #75

Hot days and awesome tunes, enjoy my latest picks of the week

Tony Allen ft. Damon Albarn - Go Back (Fort Romeau Absolut Remix)

I don't even know what the original sounds like but whatever Michael Greene touchs turns to honey dipped gold, this is out of a series brought to us by Absolut Vodka, where they present a producer with an original track and leave it to them to do what they do best, take a hear to this one then head over to their soundcloud page for more remix's.

Lindsey Buckingham - Trouble (Party Ben And MyKill Remix)

If you don't know who Lindsey Buckingham is you need to get out under that rock of yours, part of the band Fleetwood Mac, he's responsible for a lot of my life anthems, MyKill and Party Ben create a great dancy dancy  african vibe with Trouble.

Jupiter - Chocolat

Hear is your disco track for the week, get down on it...

ME & her - Inside Me (Original Mix)

I'm always down for some deep dark house delish, "In short, ME & her is the story of this generation and more than a promise for the future."taken from their soundcloud page, I like the "sound" of that. I'm sorry...

Cut Copy - Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution

Bringing back a classic to be honest I much prefer this album and their previous outings to their latest outing, not saying Free Your Mind was bad, just felt like they went in a different direction that just didn't appeal to me, but I wont stop supporting them, anyways this is a pretty electro afro vibe track. Speaking of Fort Romeau, check out is remix for Cut Copy's Free Your Mind, its a doozy!

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