Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Tunage #76

Sunday Tunage where I round up a selection of tracks that I have been listening to for the past week be they new or old, they just be cool! Lets get cracking

David Shaw and The Beat - Sentiment Acide (Jennifer Cardini Remix)

Something sensual and dark from Jennifer Cardini, can't go wrong with a deep beat and french.

Champagne Papi - Know Yourself (Jacques Greene Intro Edit)

Some mishmash of electronic and rapping brought to your by Jacques Greene, its refreshing to hear when producers play around with music adding another level to an original or providing a different canvas to vocals, this Drake number is a good example.

Whitney Fierce - The Night Air (Human Movement Remix)

Pretty much the same thought I get with the David Shaw remix I get with this number, sexy techno and whispering vocals. Done.

Disco Tech (DiscoDat) - The Wolf (Disco Tech Edit)

Really showcasing a variety of electronic tracks today, take a bite of this soulful piece of pie.

Flight Facilities - Heart Attack feat. Owl Eyes (Radio Edit) / (Julian Hamilton Rework)

Not one but two beauties, first the original by the blokes down under, a sweet electro track with poetically infused lyrics that makes for a good chilled out track, then a complete vocal overhaul on the Julian Hamilton remix, swop of gender and a stripped down melody make it a frsh take on the original.

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