Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Tunage #67

Photography - Ernst Haas, Central Park, Spring, 1970

What So Not - Gemini Ft. George Maple

 A Couple years ago this Australian outfit remix'ed an interesting club banger of note with Van She's Idea of Happiness among others, a very unique sound they seem to have nurtured, considering their latest release Gemini Ft. Georgr Maple, their use of holding back on the beats and stripping down to the simplistic creates a really great track.

!!! - All U Writers

Indie loves !!! are throwing their grooves into the ring with All U Writers, a perfect number to really enjoy, lots of sounds in this one and form the words of bandmate Nic Offer; "It's definitely a club track," says Offer. "There's elements in it that are from an original jam that the band was doing, chopped up and fucked with. It's almost like we sampled ourselves.

Nozinja - Xihukwani

Hailing from my home province of Gauteng is Nozinja, producer/DJ and creator of Shangaan Electro, Xihukwani kind of reminds me a kwaito sped up, it has the sound of an acquired taste track without making it too gimmicky. Released off London based Warp records, Nozinja actually was introduce to world via Damon Albarn, as stated on Pitchfork, plus I had him on here a while back teaming up with Tessela on a split 12" release Wa Chacha  

A Grave With No Name - Orion

Okay slowing it down to indie rock level is this one, the album artwork kind of reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie for some reason.

Sea Oleena - If I'm

Continuing on the chilled vibes comes this one, like literally, swimming in a sea of orchestral arrangements of the indie kind, release last year so, I have to catch up


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