Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Tunage #67

Photography by Forrest Mankins

Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Xinobi Rework)

A track oozing with coolness, been onto Xinobi for awhile and just discovered Donald Byrd's library of funk recently and this is a perfect blend of the two.

Lindstrøm - Home Tonight (Fort Romeau remix)

Speaking of "..when two become one." Who else can take an already perfect piece of music and build another layer than  Romeau, ah man this is the stuff musical dreams are made of. Catch the original here.

Shaded - Sandy Candy

Something entirely different from the electronic music spectrum of the last two sings reminds me of the soundtrack to Party Monster, I can just picture the Club Kids of the 90's getting their vogue on to this.

Hard Rock Sofa - Arms Around Me (Tobtok Remix)

Okay getting back to familiar territory, Tobtok has done an exception job on making an unbearable original into a fantastic piece of remix gold,  just for interest sake check out the original here, if you can stomach it long enough, you will appreciate this one way better, stripping away basically everything and leaving is with a funky beat and awesome "pong'ing" samples with some cool vocals, make this a treat. 

spooky black - dj khaled is my father

I literally cam across this guy in my drunken states searching for music after a night out, yes thats what I do, most people pass out and there I go, looking for any new stuff to tickle my earlobes. So this popped up, some really chilled atmospheric vibes with Spooky Black with a weird music video to boot, I really dig it, something really sad and reflective stirs up in me when listening to his album, if you like to actually feel your emotions though song this is one for you.

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