Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Tunage #66

Hey all, as you can see I have given the blog a facelift, nothing too big just wanted something different so hope you like. I am also going to start crediting the fantastic imagery I use as everyone deserves credit.

This weeks image is by Photographer Gregory Derkenne

Glass Candy - Shell Game

Off the soundtrack to Lost River, what looks to be an interesting directorial debut from Ryan Gosling (He'll always be Young Hercules to me) and an even more interesting album which features songs from Johnny Jewel's several outfits; Desire, The Chromtics and this track by Glass Candy, which is an awesome dark atmospheric piece that is as engaging and tension building as the trailer is for the film found below.

Iamyank - Lotus

Continuing the soundtrack thing, we have the beautiful album by Hungarian producer Iamyank, who creates a magical electronica atmosphere for the music based puzzle solving App game Lost Sounds Adventures of Poco Eco. Lotus is the trailer track and best audio complements the visual candy of the game, one observation though, it would have been cool to keep the whole album instrumental, I find the vocal track distracting.

Jean Tonique - Guest (feat. Iris)

A new track from the guy that gave us these amazing remix's of Lana and Destiny's Child, a cool walk down the street vibe emanates from this one, don't quite know if that lyrics are as upbeat as the song but hey juxtaposition, its off the EP "YOU" out March 30th on Partyfine.

Falcon Punch - Square One

Time for some funk disco from the ever reliable Falcon Punch, straight after he swang the piano pipe trumpet gem Donald's Swing. Square One is more faster and has an electronic guitar cameo which I will always never say no to.

Makeup and Vanity Set - Hand In Hand

We are teased at the first track of of the highly anticipated album from Makeup and Vanity Set Wilderness, the follow up to 88:88 which a vinyl proudly sits upon my shelf, I am uber excited to hear his collaboration with another of my synth crush's Thomas Barrandon! This track has the stamp that we come to love from MVS, probably to remind us that he still has the same magic in there. Digital purchase will also come with the short film "Eidolon"by visual collaborator Joey Ciccoline, who creates the graphics for MVS albums as well as directs his own material, teaser trailer for "Wilderness" can be found below.  

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