Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Tunage #63

This weeks tunes, they may have been released just yesterday of before we were born, what matters is that they are great. Here we go

GL - What Happened To Us? 

Great chill out beat with a sultry edge to it. This duo has some pretty nice stuff going check them out

Get It Together (Editorial Records)

Can't go wrong with some funk, this is part of a release, so you should seriously consider getting funked up here

Turzi - Condor (Bumblee Remix)

Lovely piece of electro thats is definitely a pick me upper when I'm a downer...

Little Dragon - Pretty Girls (Gold Fields Remix)

Though Little Dragons original material is always goo, I just giggle with glee to what producers come up with every time I see a (....remix) and this one by Gold Fields is just yay!

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love

Ending with a classic, which I am kind of relating to at the moment, but let me not open that can of worms right now and just karaoke the shit out of this track. 

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