Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Tunage #27

Alice Boman – Over

Gonna start this week on a lo fi note, this haunting song is just enough to make a person want to walk in the rain or sit by a window and gaze out at the vastness of the cloudy sky and do some serious self reflectage (I copyright that word, if it doesn’t exist)

 Francis Lung - A Selfish Man

What a cool song, straight out of Manchester but you could be forgiven Francis is of the South African nature judging by this song. At least I tend to think so. Dig the ending too.

Habibi - I Got The Moves

I have soft heart for surfer rock 60's vibes so naturally I gravitated to this gem by Habibi, going to be checking them on my radar in the future. Now all we need is for the freaking sun to come out in London, come on already!!!!

Cashmere Cat - Rice Rain

Since dropping this glitter bomb a while ago Cashmere has hooked me with his unique skill of meshing sounds together in a really sporadic way, yet it just flows so well as evident in Rice Rain

Handbraekes - Grind Go

Talking about mashing sounds together, the side project of Mr Oizo and Boys Noize; Handbreakes have decided to treat us mere mortals with a second EP #2. This by far is my favourite track, clearly the stamp of both Monsieur Dupieux and the Noize are on this one. You have the permission to go full on bounce with this one.


It’s Four Tet remixing Lana Del Rey and it’s MAGIC! STOP READING PLAY IT DAMMIT!!


I love scary movies, yet I scream like a Japanese 12 year old at the slightest hint of sting instruments, maybe its some deep seeded issue of self-emotional mutilation. Lets not go down that rabbit hole. Instead I choose to share the scare, I would insist you watch this while in bed at about 12 at night with all the lights off in the house except for the lamp by you bed, don’t ask why just do it!

Lights Out - Who's There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.


Instead of coming up wit some badly written repertoire, I will leave the explanation of this work up to the artist/photographer Dillon Marsh himself. Out of my hometown Cape Town.

“The landscapes we occupy are filled with natural and manmade features that reveal curious details about ourselves and our relationship with the environment. Although clearly visible and tangible, they often remain hidden in our peripheral vision, occupying the margins of our day-to-day existence. I uncover and explore some of these features, presenting each type as a family that expresses more than the sum of its parts.”

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