Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Tunage #13

Let the first 2014 post of Sunday Tunage commence.

Grizzly Bear - Will Calls (Baths Remix)

Nothing makes me happier than having two great acts remixing it up. This time the remixer being Baths who gave us the amazing "Maximalist" ("it takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your essence") back in 2010 and the remixee the guys of Grizzly Bear.

Tensnake – Love Sublime Ft Niles Rodgers & Fiora (Duke Dumont Remix)

This ones a beauty clocking in at 7 minutes this house beat with pure hints of 90's nostalgia, is just an awesome journey, I would expect no less from Duke Dumont.

The Knocks - Comfortable Featuring X Ambassadors

From the guys that gifted me with the awe-to-the-some Tegan and Sarah remix last year, comes this dance floor filler, It's one of those time when you hear it for the first time at work and you can't help but do some kind of weird Ostrich neck move, to avoid looking like a dork but still want to chair dance in a respectable manner. You know?

Digitalism - Fahrenheit 32

I am not even going to try and sell this with witty word banter, Its Digitalism, one of my pillars of electronic music. I will however paste their blurb that accompanied this track which excites me to no end, they are just such nice guys and their new visuals are super cool. Bring.It.On!

"Fahrenheit 32’ marks a new direction for us both musically and creatively. It’s not just a milestone on a long journey of ours, but also a peace offering for what’s about to come. In 2014 we want to let the music and creative side of our work take the forefront of our image, which unfortunately means that you will be seeing a less personable version of us, especially in light of how much time we will spend in the studio. We chose this route because for the first time, in a long time, we found ourselves in one of the most creative periods of our career. Over the past months we have been writing music for ourselves and also for other artists, we remixed and re-edited our peers and DJ’ed some of the best shows throughout our 10 year career. So it seems fitting to let all of this have a face and image of its own, whilst our own faces are busy programming, sequencing and staring into computer screens."

FM Attack - Fade Away w/ Julian Sanza (AIMES Remix)

Love the original and love this remix.

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