Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lotta Love

Yeah Yeah Yeah it's not Feb 14, why am I doing a "Sunday Lovage Feb 14" post now?

Well first of all I will never write a cliché Valentines day post. EVER. Secondly this is more of those new years resolution myths I keep hearing about year after year, when you think about it, better to start at beginning of year than in the middle yeah?

The thing that I would like to change or more accurately, get over, is the fact that I put too much pressure on myself, In terms of career,  love life (lack of... see! I'm doing it again), friendship, personality etc etc. I figure since I always look outwards for recognition or substance, I should stop doing that and start throwing some love waves back at me. I really don't think this is corny shizzle at all, after long reflection and recollections I feel I need to find myself some affirmation waaaaaay before I allow anybody else to, which I do all the time.

So in celebratory - I see the light - hallelujah - whoop whoop vibes, here are some melodies to accompany this post. Sending love outwards and more importantly inwards. Enjoy!

The Paradise - In Love With You

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Don Diablo Remix)

D/A/D - Love Will Make You Stay (Sunglasses Kid Pop Jam Remix)

Timecop1983 - Summer Love

Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love

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