Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Melodic Mashup

So you have four more days until the first Sunday Tunage of the year, but I just cannot let a week go by without sharing my love of music to everyone of my 20 followers.

This time round I am revealing my secret love of mashups, which is a bit of a taboo in the music scene, from what I've heard, but like anything, you just got to give it a try. It is a very hit or miss situation, but don't fear, I have a few 'up's I'm sure you'll enjoy. SO ENJOY!

Justice vs Weezer - B.U.D.D.Y (Mashup by Mister Pok)

Technically this is a threeway it's a MSTRKRFT remix of Justice D.A.N.C.E and my life soundtrack tune Weezer Buddy Holly. At first I was like wha?? and then I was like yeaaa!

Digitalism Vs B.O.B - Pogo Vs Haterz (DJ Original Bozak Blend)

This was out when I was just getting into electro and Digitalism especially, so getting to jam with an electro song mixed with hip hop was da bomb for this white african greek boy. Oh and this is also kind of a three way as its the Shinichi Osawa (where is he nowadays) remix of Pogo that got mashed, which is also a classic by its own right. 

Notorious B.I.G vs Miley Cyrus - Party And Bullshit In The USA (mashup by I have no clue)

Yes, you will probably disown my blog because of this song, but I have to honestly say, this is an extreme guilty mashup pleasure for me, this happened way before Miley matured into a Gene Simmons wannabe, plus its Biggie rapping on top of an innocent all American tween song. Parday and Bullsheeet!

Florence vs The Machine vs Echo & The Bunnymen - Killing Days (Mashup by LeeDM101)

So I'm a huge fan of Killing Moon and I like one of Florence's songs which happens to be the one used in this mashup.

Bob Marley vs The Cure - Waiting in Heaven (Mashup by Mighty Mike)

The like holy grail of mashups, good tunes, good lyrics from both original songs, great for karaoke-ing while walking in the street, riding the train or just chilling at home smoking a ... cigarette. I will never tire of this song. EVER.

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