Sunday, May 12, 2013

Matt v3.0

Wow so this is what being in the 3rd decade of my life feels like... the same as my earlier decades... as I wind down from my week long birthday festivities this mothers day, I cannot think of a better way than to begin this new chapter (cliché bleh) than with compiling a detailed essay list of my favourite music that has been my soundtrack for the last 30 years PSYCH!! That would be the audio equivalent of the great wall of china stuffed into a speaker. Instead I'll opt out of the "this is the music that shaped my life" blog and just post the gems that have seen me through the transition this past week, way way way better..

Classixx - Hanging Gardens (Album)

Not so much a song but as a whole album, I have been waiting for a debut album from these guys for years and thank the (insert your deity of choice) they have released it not only that but also to stream  the FULLL ALBUM online! This my friends is an act worthy of the day you first noticed the funny feeling in your pants was attached to the one in your chest, of course im not that tech savvy yet to post whole album (you can do that here) so I'll just post a lovely remix they did for The Gossip...

Du Tonc - Surging Memories:

I mean when you put two guys like Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse together you are bound to get fantastic results, their second offering for me at least is less darker than their first "the heavens have opened" outing but no less amazing. Set to start their first tour in the next months, all I have to plead is: Come to Berlin Du Tonc!!

The Presets - Fall (Ta-ku Remix):

We love The Presets and we love all kinds of music esp this kind

Flight Facilities - I Didn't Believe feat. Elizabeth Rose (Extended Version)

These guys have been releasing great stuff for while esp their 'triple j Mix Up mix tapes, which condenses decades of music with excerpt from historical events. Not to mention the Paul Simon remix.

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