Monday, April 1, 2013

Hallo (Thats German for Hi)

I guess its time to actually do something with this blog which has become the online equivalent of a 2 week old takeout in the fridge (which reminds me...)

So I'm currently residing in Berlin, Germany for the past 5-ish months, and no I wont start vomiting German phrases and "coolest places to go around town" coz honestly even after a couple of night outs and Deutsch Lernin, I'm still at a dramatic hand gestures and utilising my limited Afrikaans to get by. Plus I want to avoid sounding like a dick....

Its been quite an interesting couple of months and by interesting I mean cold. Just cold. did I mention cold? oh and snow, oh god the snow.... one might think you would become accustomed to it after awhile but sadly you just become numb literally and mentally. The one thing driving you through the Christmas until April, is the promise of "the best summer ever" for which you record for future; "YOU LIED TO ME" or "YOU WERE SO RIGHT!!" referencing. All is definitely not lost in Berlin, I am not living in a cupboard anymore, the food, cheap booze, 24 hour trains during weekend, awesome people and the party until 7 in the morning vibes (which I am still manipulating my body clock around)

I have a feeling its gonna be a ride for the Berlin Chapter of my life and I can guarantee you will be reading about it here whether you want to or not, at the very least you can find good music here :)

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