Saturday, October 29, 2011

Matts Halloween Palooza II

Another year another Halloween Movie Palooza, feel pity for this one as I have been suffering a bout of flu the whole week what convenient timing, I should be out and about scouting for a Halloween outfit|(s) yet I am in bed-ish dealing with a throat that seems to be possessed by Bobcat Goldthwait. eek!

But enough about me....

1: Rosemary's Baby

Possibly one of the hugest influences in my or any ones film life, this one introduced me to the notion that not every scary movie needs to have prosthetic monsters jumping out at you or psycho serial killers chasing you up the stairs in your bra. All you need is some good directing and drugged up sex with Satan. Plus Mia Farrow nuff said.

Best Death Scene: um not really, tho the ending is creepy and full of cray cray (campy) characters

2: The Fourth Kind

This film is based on actual events that occured Nome, Alaska (Balto fame) in 2000, spliced with acting and real footage, depicting interviews about alien abductions and what really happened. This one upped the creep factor by a thousand and asks the question: Is that really an owl looking at me outside my window?  oh and Milla Jovovich nuff said.

Best Death Scene: Crap two in a row, nope but the owl freaks the f%^& out of you.

3: Ju-On

I, like many of you were first introduced to the series of Ju-On by the American remake starring everyones favourite (say yes bitch's!!) Sarah Michelle Gellar. The US version was really good, nice and stylized, creepy and friggen scary, so when I decided to watch the original I thought I 'd know what to expect...uh f$$%^ no. The Japanese really know how to make a person go crazy without any gimmicky tricks and 3D graphics but with just using our own minds
to freak us out, our own minds? now that s scary. This is a staple in any horror buffs collection.

If you want to get the whole story of Ju-On  go here to start and there's even a game

Best Death Scene: They are all freaky scary, this ones long but its all about atmosphere in Japanese horror, not big tits die in two seconds.

4: Fright Night

I havent seen the remake but this 1985 classic made me suspicious of all of my neighbours and first got me hooked on Vampyres, all the 80's elements are here; girl in trouble, synths and the hair.

Best Death Scene: Evil Eds transformation from wolf to man with a table leg through his chest, check it here.

5: The Human Centipede

Okay this one is pure OMGWTF ness, the name says it all, with a crazy concept and a harrowing execution, you cannot help but feel shiddy for the the people that were unfortunate enough to meet Dr. Heiter the movie sick Dr. Psycho, be warned this movie is not for the faint of heart, body horror at its most inhumanist-ist. The sequel came out a recently and it actually takes the crazyness to new levels.

Best Death Scene: um I'd rather not say. if you cant stomach the trailer then give it a pass.....

okay so not much with the gore on this one but all are good, Have an awesome weekend and I shall leave you with a Halloween mixtape courtesy of the cool Uncle TNUC

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