Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music & Nytol


"heya"..that's the greeting I receive wherever I am over here, its as infectious as "Achy Breaky Heart" was back in 92, but afterwards you feel like a college girl waking up in the morning, hungover from the previous nights frat partay next to some guy named Clifford and a beer bong.

wow that was a detour intro...anyway, I forgot what I was gonna type about now, have to act before the Nytol train hits my station...toot! toot! zzzzzzzz.. oh now I remember:

You can always tell how cool a person is by the amount of DJ friends he has, and I'm not talking facebook-request-he-don't'-know-you-but-you-type-random-shit-on-their-wall-friends. I'm talking ones you actually know.

I have the fortune of knowing two really talented (browny points) producers/music makers, both of whom have been releasing good material every time, I have mentioned both before; Jumping Back Slash here and Who Killed JR? here but I figured a post of their latest stuff was in order. They're different threads on the audio spectrum but neither are lesser in the entertainment...

So that means I'm cool right?

also check out my Souncloud and hear what else I'm jiving to at the mo, Okay I hear the train coming...



  1. First track is rad / nostalgic, Deluxe nights in the 2000s, mafia, models, crazy good nights.

    2nd track - Daft Punk never really caught my ear, even with banging remixes. Electro crowd will have much love...