Friday, September 24, 2010

Lets go to the mall

To tell you the truth, the first season of How I Met Your Mother did not appeal to me what-so-ever and that Ted character bugged the crap out of me, BUT I gave it another shot, and good thing I did coz I just cant get enough of the show, I mean with storylines like "The Sexless Inkeeper" and gags "WHATS IN THA BAAAAAXX, right?" classic relateble comedy, I could even go so far as saying its the Friends of the late 00's, yup I said it and its truth, give it a whirl,

To celebrate the beginning of the 6th season I end off this post with a music video made by Robin during her teen years as a Canadian popstar (I kid you not) this is some good shit right here...

lets go to the mall! from John Everyman on Vimeo.