Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's Kylie AGAIN!!! just jokes its a real post..

I promise this post will not be about Kylie and guarantee that it will be about me ranting, sounds fun, right? Even as I type the Beachball of death is rotating at great speeds to catch up with the excitement. It pains me to say but my .Mac has aged a lot since we first touched keyboards those many years ago - 4 to be exact..whats that in Computer…20000 years?

Its pretty difficult coming up with new material when basically I could just repost last years September one and replace SA with UK, but I guess that’s the difference knowing that I’m here and doing something makes it a 1 up as opposed to a level down. Of course the mind is another mechanism unto its own, trying to filter all the anxiety and emotional rollar disco’s, tends to leave me with little sleep and dreams of CV ripage from interviewers and defecating Scooby Doo cameos…. But it could all be just me..who knows??

I find the unlimited Cap full of unlimitless comfort eg:

Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It' True
Uploaded by scott_tenorman. - Explore more music videos.

yeah, makes the blues more bearable.

Hopefully I’ll have good news very soon, hold thumbs for me…...seriously hold thumbs.

PS: A shout out to my papa who's birthday is today!! whoop whoop!

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