Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stroke the Tiger

So there’s this guy right? Dj producer type guy, calls himself Fear Of Tigers, got into him awhile back when I fell in love with his “Love like Semtex – Infadels”remix. Then one after the other he popped awesomeness out, like a golden egg laying goose on LSD.

FOF can take a song and make it into a journey of synthial synapses wrapped in clouds of fluffy beats. Just recently (like two days ago) he released his first album..FOR FREE!! Yes, FOR FREE and I can tell you, It is everything and all, so I urge all 9 of you following me to drop whatever you are doing (coz lets face it we’re at work, at this time, and this is a great reason to stop with the boredom) and go here and download , trust me it is a fun album that will guarantee to lighten any day.. except if you’re one of those depressive types then pop an anti- and get ready for a great ride.


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