Thursday, December 3, 2009

Civi War: Cape Town

Has anyone noticed the amount of shitness that’s happening around Cape Town lately? I’m speaking purely on the point of people being who they are; different, irritating, cool, snobbish, ugly, fuckable, small…ect ect. But Recently people have obviously gotten sick of people being human and decided to post their comments in a public domain. Sure that’s what I do, but I like to think there is a purpose for me posting up my rants, at least for humour sake.

I mean the amount of kak that is written about how the Kool kids are damaged kids, or the young kids are so lame. yadda, yadda, yadda, now I have been known to say stuff in the similar vein but I actually have had the capacity to think further by not frequenting the places or hanging around those people.

Why oh why is this happening in such a cosmopolitan city?. I mean this is Cape Town people!! the place where the freaks hang out with the norms and nothing is said. I had a colleague who went to that Synergy thing this past weekend and got sneered at because his wife is white and he is black. Fuck is this the 80’s? I’m getting really disappointed with this place and I don’t want to be. So any of you fucks who can’t stand anybody who is different or inexperienced or lame or “cool” do something pro-active about it (and I don’t mean Columbine pro-active)

I know its tough and hard (believe me, I have been the object of many spat on's) but deal with your issue's coz 99% of the time thast what they are doing as well. Once you have started, it will be better for yourself and better for this beautiful City.

Great…. now my next post will be able flower arrangement ..thanks a lot…

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