Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Make Mine A Small World After All

So, if you're a comic fanatic like me and is a follower to that chunk of literal and visual entertainment that is Marvel Entertainment Inc. You would have already heard the 4 Billion aquisition of Marvel by Disney. O f course the pimple porn induced nerds of the world coughed on their "diet"sodas upon hearing this anouncement, your's truly included.the question now is:

So what does this mean?

There are alot of articles adressing this situation, but all leading to the fact that Marvel will still retain it's individual integrity. I wont lie to you but I am one of those people who are as about uneasy as a spectator at a Kurt Darren Mall Concert. I would love to accept this and go whoopty doo but we all know business is more than just letterheads and grey farty men. Its not the fact that I'm slitting my wrists at a Bambi and Wolverine team up, what worries me, is the eventual 5 year plan to "restructure" Marvel to fall under the Disney iron skirt.Where restrictions are placed on content of writing and art, like "example:" no gay members of the X-Men or lazer guns for The Punisher.

So sue me if I'm being paranoid but some of us have grown up with Marvel and we've been through changes but has anyone ever heard of the cartoon show Doug? need i say more? The last time I heard everything was not going to change and its all good...I got retrenched. I hope I'm being a analy paranoidle idiot...prove me wrong Disney, let this be a Kingdom Hearts and not a Doug. Read more at Marvel or there are interesting articles at Newserama

Later Hoes n Broes

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