Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Title Sequence

So this is it...huh?

My first blog, yet somehow that doesn't make me want to bake a cake or saute something using Stork Culiness, if any of you know about that particularity boring Stork Ad, about the mother expressing herself with blogging and the odd occasional emotional connection that occurs, when she cooks with the suspiciously bright yellow liquid. Maybe i should give it more time and who know, i could just be the next Nigella, all thanks to power of blogs, hmmmmm,

Anyhew for my first order of business I would love to share with you all this delightful video, created by Waambat (not her real name) which a friend sent to me. It has Muppets and Peaches...what else could you ask for.

enjoy it.
Later hatas

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