Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Britney Moment

You know denial can be a wonderful thing....in some cases, in others it can fuck you up.

story time!!!

Once upon a time far far near there was a town called Denialsville occupation 63564 and growing. Everybody was happy and merry, going about their own ways, no nothing could ever make the residents of Denialsville down or out. But little did they know of the dormant volcano that was growing right in the centre, just underneath the town hall, lets name it Real Life.

Everyday the residents would gather in the Town Hall and have a huge feast complete brain numbing booze and debaucherous dancing, with more people arriving the party grew to an enormous size, this angered Real Life, as with each new person was more pressure added on top of him.

Soon enough Real Life could not handle it any longer and in a one gigantic motion ripped through the ground, spewing red hot larva's of truth, as it fell on the people of Denialsville their skin burned and boiled at its touched. Soon the whole town was in flames and people running around and falling to the ground screaming in agony. The carnage went on throughout the whole night, until the first glimpse of morning broke.

To this day people rarely go to the town of Denialsville for if they do,
Real Life will be there, waiting......

Moral of the story: Breakdowns are not fun (click on link)

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