Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reset the recession.

So went to a friend’s house last night, we will call her B even tho she hates being called by that, all the more reason to, to drown our sorrows and bitch and moan about our lives. Shit this recession thing is so depressing, anyone who isn’t retrenched is stuck in a job that pay’s you about the same amount as an ants orgasm and with extra work coz the other people are retrenched.
*side note: I’m in the retrenched pile on the desk.

So I’m on a prowl for a new job eek, and not going so good, you see I’m what you call “in a rut” for the love of John Cleese , I have no idea how to get myself out of it, I’m one step closer to buying a self help book, which would most probably be used as a dust collector. You know I’m writing this and even I’m getting bored,

next story: Well I can tell you what’s been getting me through everything, is the divine power of MUSIC! I have no idea where I would be without good solid crafted music, oh yes I would be dead.

So there is this amazing Dj called B-Xentic! He has the same taste in moosic as I do and he did this awesome mix for Palms Out Sounds, so do yourselves a favour and check it the fuck out

Its called Disco Mix

Okay off now later.

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  1. check out:

    she's also trying to find a job - but in Canada :)