Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Tunage #45

Les Sins – Bother

The side project of Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi, Les Sins definitely has that air of “bitch I am werking this shit down to the tee” thing going on. Nice anthem for just getting just about anything done; job, life or over a heart sore when someone doesn’t reciprocate your feelings even-though-you-both-go-so-well-together-but they-are-just-blind-to-the-fact-by-their-own-shit-but-who-does’nt-have-shit-in-there-lifes? Anyway…

Diamond Field feat. Nina Yasmineh 'Neon Summer (My Heart Is Wild)' - Vincenzo Salvia Remix

Speaking of drama, here’s a remix from soon to be a summer synthwave anthem by Diamond Field, the feel of this one really reminds me of Ladyhawke (Come back to us!!)

Beat Connection - Another Go Round

I love the Africanism that Beat Connection vibrates with their tracks. Automatically get transported to the mountains, sea and plains of Mzanzi.

Matt Hughes - Rodeo Warrior

Lets get all smooth deepy disco-fied over here, the oh so delicious vibes of the one they call Matt Hughes been an avid fan since yonks and he still brings the magic each time.

The Sizlacks - Blues Berry Jam

I need to be in a park with a beer lounging around and watching this live, so good.

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