Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Tunage #44

Baba Stiltz - Reality Sparks

A perfect example of an anytime track, I say anytime as you can have it blasting loud in a crowd or intimate while you work late. Was that good rhyme use? Anyways his record label, Studio Barnhus, has described this Stockholm centred guy’s debut album as “… rides through psychedelic screw-pop, minimalistic emo-acid and opiate-drenched coming-of-age-ambient. As lucid and strong as it is obscure and beautiful, ….” .Colour me intrigued, Total, out on Oct 13

Flight Facilities - Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Extended Version)

The only thing I took out from seeing FF live on my birthday this year was the music; awful venue (Heaven) arrgh and the crowd was like being in a bread cutter machine with sweat and alcohol thrown in for lubrication. I digress.

Two bodies show’s us again that the duo knows how to compliment an arrangement with a female voice. Extended versions are always welcome plus the intro sample is good..

Fools Gold – I’m In Love / Little Dragon – Cat Rider (both Poolside remix’s)

I’m cheating here as there is a tie in with this spot but does it count if it’s the same artist, well different artists same remixer/producer. I have always loved Poolside him and Goldroom should be a staple in anyone’s pool or summer party list. Lets begin with the Fool’s Gold one, the original is a cool bandy type of island groove thang, whereas Poolside doesn’t do much but strip it a bit and emphasise the beat, giving it a more bouncy edge, I’m guessing he wants peeps to discover the original, that’s my guess, I can’t read Poolsides mind. 

AAH Well the original Cat Rider is an atmospheric jewel polished to the tee by Little Dragon. Poolside makes it a Poolside track changing the mood from cool desaturated echoes to a chilled sunset affair. Love it!

Miami Horror – Wild Motion

An uplifting track from the guys that brought you this and this.

Story Of The Running Wolf - Stratospheric - Lost Years Remix

Going to sneak in this synth gold. I have checked out the originals music video and it is a mashup of 80’s fantasy movies with a budget of £100, but hey, it gets the point across, which is a retro wet dream.

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