Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Tunage #36

After a god willing lovely English sunny Saturday, the batteries are charged to begin the impeding week, just wish this headache would abandon its hold on my brain, non the less, awesome tunage heading your way...

Teardrop Factory - Stolen Skull

Nothing like a good solid band track to begin the Tunage, there are plenty of good stuff out there, this is one of them.

Falcon Punch & PIXELATED - Flying High

Some wickedly sexy summer beats happening here, it's like Poolside and Goldroom had a threeway with Nina Simone...

Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne

"I love you till the record stops" has to be like my mantra going forward in the relations department, cos lets face it. True.

Pointer Sisters - Automatic (OHYEAH's Work Out Mix)

Keeping with da funk, can totally see why OHYEAH would call this the Work Out Mix, if I could drag myself out of the Sunday Bedage early I would totally do some hand lifting, muscle flexing right now, guess I'll just have to be content with eye movements for now. AAAUUUUTTTTOOOMMAATTICCC!

La Cassette - Electric Paradise

This weeks 80's synth track heaven goes to La Cassette, oh man, this really reminds me of the retro vibes. Complete with vocals that is definitely a page out of an 80's keytar ballad sheet. 'Cassette just released their debut album "Left to our own devices" here, give it a listen, such awesomeness awaits you...

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