Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Tunage #35

Its been another one of those weeks, you know the breathing, feeling working kind. So on with the music.

Pogo - Kadinchey (Creep Crawl Flash Remix)

Pogo as an artist is amazing, the concept of taking samples from Disney movies or any movie in particular and mixing them into catchy beats always entertains. This remix captures hints of that but adds some sexiness to it. (he he sex...)

Mike_Davis - everyday a dream (re edit)

I'm happy to call this homie my fweend not just coz he makes good tunes but also coz he cool, aaaight.

Kristine - The Deepest Blue

She's greek and makes 80's inspired music, my mom would definitely want us to hook up...

Du Tonc - Surging Memories (Le Visiteur Remix)

I just love the collaboration between Matt Van Shie of Van She and Mighty Mouse, they both bring a lot to the table that is Du Tonc (here!), they recently opened up their material to remix's and this one is SO good.

Lifelike - So Electric

I have so much love for Lifelike I could burst into a rainbow of unicorn orgasms. This is an oldie but totally goldie check out a the video Neros77 made for it, he does that sort of cool stuff.

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