Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Tunage #19

Sun, is that you? Why yes, please do come in...

Okay so we have another 11 days until the Spring Equinox but lets just at least take in the rays that the heavens have blessed us with today, that sounded churchy, my bad. Whatever shall we do to celebrate? Why, with music bitch's.

Tycho - Apogee

Just recently bought Dive on record and a ticket to his concert in London. I will never stop talking about this guy. Never.

Movement - Like Lust

Theres something sexy about this song, its like it came straight out of the early 90's circa Massive Attack grundge-y era

Midlake - The Old and the Young (Moullinex Edit)

Did anyone notice Midlake released an album last year? I am in total shock over how this could have escaped me, it's interesting to listen to this Moullinex edit, he comes up with something that doesn't sound typical Moullinex yet while halfway through you be like... yeah its him. Oh and it's a free download too.

Crystal Fighters - Love Natural (Knight One Remix)

We keeping it chilled this Sunday with this one from Knight One doing his thang with a Crystal Fighters track, super chilled with that guitar vibes. Now just to find a beach to lie on with a slave...I mean man to bring the G&T's over.

Marvin Gaye - Sunny - Mercury Edit II

Gee I wonder why I'm playing out with this number...

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