Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday Tunage #7

Yeah, Yeah it's Monday blah blah, I was hanging out with a friend who is leaving for a long time yesterday so hence the Sunday Tunage becomes Monday kinda sad Tunage. So we I welcome some music to uplift this mood and massage the soul.

White Lies - First Time Caller (Mokadem Remix)

Harry McVeigh voice is a unique one for me, its haunting and dare I say it, kinda hot, is it just me? Anyways White Lies original music is great enough but with each time a producer remix's a song of theirs, magic is made, the latest being Mokadem, who I haven't heard of until this one, "knock knock"
"why hello new music potential, come right in".

Panama - Destroyer

This is the kind of song that would fit perfectly onto the soundtrack of an 80's John Hughes movie, I'm thinking Breakfast Club, I like the warm fuzzy feeling that gives me.

Pretty Lights - Finally Moving

Probably the only time that I have accepted a "remix" of Etta James, ever! Pretty Lights' Vincent Smith describes himself as a "sample collage" artist, he just released two albums this year in July and just take an ear to his stuff on his soundcloud. There is something nostalgic in his works that harkens back to an era of underground hip hop wrapped in a ball of electro. Mmmmmm...delish...

What so Not - What So Not - Touched (Original)

This song has so many labels I don't know what to box it in, all I know is that is was conceived three years ago only to be released now and has a familiar vocal sample, can you guess where it's from?

Goldroom - Otoño Mix

Ooh now anything from Goldroom is a treat, from his original material to his always yummy remix's, this guy has it in the bag for me. It is always with excitement for me very time he releases a mixtape and the recent one is no exception. So if you got a lot of work to do today or just chilling, just plug your headphones in or crank the speaker up a teensy bit louder and enjoy

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