Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dream Sequence

“Dreams can come true”
“Sweet dreams are made of these”
“Dream a little dream”

To some these are just lyrics to well known songs that are either radio fillers or karaoke-party-favours-at-dingy-booze-soaked-bars at the edge of town, but to others these are the 1ups for our own adventure we’re on, no not your usual mushroom squashing, potion throwing or thumb numbing game, this is bigger than all of those, for the outcome of this score menu will determine how well we sleep when we’re 6 feet in the ground.

I’m talking about people who ask themselves “is this it?” Sure there’s nothing wrong with answering “yes it is” that’s actually great, I wish I was there, for the peeps (me) who answer: No. a line is drawn to determine those who are doomed to repeat that same question until they’re old, grey and stuck in something resembling a multi-year storyline on Days of Our Lives and the people who hold onto the rails for a ride, that will bring as much downs as it will ups (its a roller coaster people).

I myself have recently made my choice and I can tell you it’s pretty scary (and not David Boreanaz pretty). BUT I know that with all the rejections, anxieties, low self confidence, sketchy judgements, loneliness, lack of sleep, mood swings, wet tissue bonanza Sundays or comfort food frenzies, that this coaster is going forward and that’s something to get out of bed for. Oh and the Bands, Design and Travel opportunities….

I can understand why my Sis digs this song by Alica Keys not just coz she’s actually going to New York but the global appeal it can have on anyone with ambition in their lives, which could mean raising a family to president of South Africa (bad choice but just roll with it).

“I'm going to make it by any means

I got a pocketful of dreams”


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