Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why didn't you call me??

Dear Diary

Why don’t you ever reply to me? I have a feeling this is a one-sided relationship, do you get a kick out of my misery and pain? I can just see it now, you reading out my woes to your friends while smoking joints and watching porn. Does it make you happy knowing that I’m not going through life all breezy, care free and full of sparkle. You know what you can go and screw yourself really. I might as well pay a hooker coz A: I wouldn’t waste time forming complete sentences with structure and accurate spelling and B: I get something out of it.

So “Diary” go do whatever it is you do, which is lay in someone’s underwear draw being used only for the sole purpose of other people puking their lives into your insides. While you lay there taking it like the bitch you are. Ha ha ha.

Phew that makes me feel a lot better. Thanx for the vent


Dear Matthew

F%^&* YOU!!!


1 comment:

  1. I take it the UK is treating you well then?