Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Show Goes On

Sometimes I curse the fact that my secondary mutation is the power over the dramatic, every single thought that goes through my head is accompanied by a trailer, premiere, DVD release then Television screening. I wish I could be more calm and collective and chilled out then maybe some of the choices I make will go in the direction of Academy Awards instead of The Razzies. God knows I cant afford professional help so now I'm stuck in the ticket line, going through the motions hoping one day everything will change from a blue to orange hue, until that day comes I guess its far out metaphors and THE MUSIC!!!!!

A friend of mine (really!) Jumping Back Slash as he states "UK bloke living in Cape Town, South Africa", is producing magic by blending house and kwaito together so awesomely that even awesome is out awesomed. He even put together a mixtape here be sure to give it a listen and his other stuff too. THERE IS HOPE!!!

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