Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While I'm on this unwillingly social sabbatical life has so elegantly placed me on, I find the net to be a good source of anti crazy. Although I would not mind some "other" stimuli (kept it ambiguous so that people might think anything, like say mince meat pancake sculptures or Twilight book bonfires or new pronoun creations eg Hirm).*Mental note about TwiBonfires for winter.

So I found this:

I love it when someone does something creative with characters from the comics I read. It gives me a warm feeling inside, you know the opposite feeling you get when unexpectedly looking at Hanna Montana printed bed prints or 11 year old bra's.
So this artist Sean Gordon Murphy decided to create a Wolverine alphabet with cameos of Marvels well known and lesser heroes and villain with amazing results.


Find the whole Wolverine Alphabet Gallery here

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