Monday, April 12, 2010


It seems to be the subject matter of my life right now, Brainzzzz! Like what was I thinking? would they like me for my mind? don't go mental, try to at least get a synapse spark.. So naturally I'd turn to the obvious release mechanism...zombie movies (and damn theres a shitload out there). Mind you it wouldn't be too bad to be one, no more job, relationships(or lack of) or war or other not so nice stuff, the only thing you worry about is food. That's not bad hey? Although do you get squeamish zombies? I'd probably be eating some guys flesh and be puking it out the I'll just stick to watching them.


  1. o.m.g
    I'd cast you for my zombie movie. Give your agent to give my agent a call...

  2. totally! like my digits are yours!!