Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Like My Art

I did a Q&A piece for a magazine recently unfortunatly it was cut due to space but they were so nice that they sent me a copy and I must say it's great. Its called I Like My basically what you do is upload pics of yourself focusing on your fashion and people comment or message you, it sounds kind of ego what what, but i met really nice people on there (check my page out here). The magazine is a culmination of all these people and shows how people are just as diverse as their fashion sense. More info here.

Now as I was paging through the mag I cam across this article about a really awesome painter by the name of Taner Ceylan, his subject matter is relatively normal, that is if you count men fucking each other followed by a still life flower. What really grabbed my attention was a piece titled "The Reading Lady", I dont know what it is about it but it captured me in an instant. This cements my appreciation towards art, I rarely ever get affected by art, music is the main emotive stirrer for me. But wow!

see more of his stuff at his website

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