Friday, March 19, 2010

Double Wammy

Its Friday Yay!! although everyday is the same for the job seeking inclined but for all those who say YAY not Nay! I want to show you two things that have been getting my creative brain pumped.

first is an upcoming Marvel Comic "Breaking Into Comics The MarvelWay", that highlights several comic artists around the globe, under the pen that is C.B. Cebulski, detailing also the journey of how these artists came to be in this two issue series. The thing that really wet my pallet was the cover by Lost Fish.

Googled them I did and wow!! just check it out

the second piece of yummy today is the latest music video from Foals, if you haven't heard them SHAME ON YOU!! this video for their single Spanish Sahara oozes of saturated contrasts and really makes Yannik look mighty fine... the song is truly amazing

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